Plan your next corporate event in our studio and spend a few hours making and decorating pottery together with your team, clients and customers. We can tailor the event to your needs and specifications and you can pick and choose activities from following options: wheel throwing, hand building, slab building, decorating pre made pieces. Depending on the types of activities you choose the corporate event can be organized at your venue or in our studio. In the lounge area of our studio you can organize drinks and nibbles for your group as well as conduct your out of office meetings and workshops. 

Workshops for your events can be designed in following ways:

1) Your group can spend 2 hours wheel throwing or handbuilding pottery from clay. This option costs $60.00/person, including GST. Usually we recycle pottery made in this workshops, but if anyone in your group falls in love with the pieces they have made, that person can either sign up for two additional classes to finish their pieces or we can finish them for  you for extra $25.00/piece.

2) Your group can spend the first hour of the 2 hours long workshop either wheel throwing or handbuilding with clay and the second hour decorating and glazing two premade pieces per peson. Pottery decorated by your group can be picked up after firing so each participant gets to take home 2 pieces they decorated during the workshop. Workshops, including  these two activities will cost $99.00/person including GST. 

3) Your group can spend 2 hours glazing and decorating 2 premade pieces per person and these pieces can be picked up from the studio after they are fired. This option will cost $66.00/person including GST.