Bring your group of guests to have fun workshop with clay, wheel throwing, hand building and decorating pottery. Events can be tailored to your specifications. You can bring your own drinks and nibbles and set them up in the lounge area of the studio. You can choose from following two options:

1) Your group can spend 2 hours wheel throwing or handbuidling pottery. This will cost $60.00/person, including GST. Usually we recycle your clay after this events. But if someone in your group wanted to take home these pieces, then there is a choice to either come back and take two more classes to finish those pieces or we can finish them for you for extra $25.00/piece and this cost will include us trimming, firing, glazing and firing again your pottery before you can take it home. 

2) You can choose to spend the first hour of your 2 hours workshop wheel throwing or handbuilding with clay, and the second hour decorating two premade pieces of pottery per person. These two decorated pieces can be picked up after they are fired, this way every participant will get to take home 2 pottery pieces they have decorated. The cost for this option is $99.00/person, including GST. 

3) Your group can spend 2 hours glazing and decorating 2 premade pieces per person and these pieces can be picked up from the studio after they are fired. This option will cost $66.00/person including GST.