Pottery Class in Sydney - Silky Shapes Studio

Silky Shapes is a relaxed creative space where you can explore your interest in pottery and ceramics.

Pottery Classes at Silky Shapes Studio

Are you intrigued by wheel-thrown pottery making and wondering whether you could learn pottery?  Here, at Silky Shapes Studio, we believe that everyone can learn how to make pottery.  At Silky Shapes Studio we teach easy to follow pottery techniques, which we demonstrate and explain thoroughly.  We have designed our beginners pottery classes so that you will be making your own pottery after just one lesson.

We also believe that learning pottery and making pottery has multiple positive effects. Our pottery classes will help you to realise your creative side and gain skills set which is enjoyable, relaxing and rewarding.  Plus after our pottery classes you will take home a few beautiful pieces of pottery that you have made yourself. Our affordable and fun pottery classes are conducted in small groups and include all materials and firing costs. Classes are offered every day of the week.

The Beginners Pottery Classes Package 

The beginners' pottery class package consists of three 2-hour classes, where you learn to throw, trim and glaze basic cylindrical pieces of pottery. These three pottery classes have to be spread over the span of 3 weeks to allow time for your pottery to dry and get fired. The cost of the 3 classes beginners' pottery class package is $135. To register yourself for 3 beginners' pottery classes use our booking page. 

Classes For Returning Students

Upon completion of this package, you are welcome to continue taking pottery classes as a returning student to improve your skills and knowledge.  As you do, you will begin to work on bigger projects like matching sets of functional pottery, teapots, hand building, surface decorations, mold making and slip-casting. Returning students can use our flexible booking system to book any class during the week according to their schedule. The cost of classes for returning students is $35/class or $300/10 classes. Please check our booking page to secure your spot in our pottery classes